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The Bank of America has agreed to pay 33 million dollars to settle accusations cheap nike soccer cleats by the US government over billions of dollars of bonuses paid out last year by its investment on Merrill Lynch. Bank of America took over Merrill Lynch to save it from collapse in a deal backed by American taxpayers’ money. John Bithry reports. Bank of America had promised its shareholders that no bonuses would be paid to bankers at Merrill Lynch without its express permission. It’s agreed to buy the struggling investment bank in September. On the same weekend that talks to save Lehman Brothers from collapse failed. Like Lehman, Merrill Lynch was brought to its knees by debt links to the US housing market that became toxic and lost its value. But after Merrill was rescued by BOA, it went ahead and paid its staff 3.6 billion dollars in bonuses discount soccer cleats anyway. Shortly afterwards Bank of America was forced to go to the government for billions of dollars in extra taxpayer support, and the revelation of the payments caused a public outcry. After weeks of negotiations, the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has reached an outline agreement with legislative leaders on a plan to tackle the state’s massive budget shortfall. The deal, which will have to be approved by the state legislature, includes plans for billions of dollars in budget cuts, but no tax rises. Peter Bolger reports. California has a budget shortfall of 26 billion dollars. State workers have been put on short time and many social and education services have been cut. The state has even resorted to issuing IOUs to companies it does business with and to individuals who adidas predator lz trx fg are owed tax refunds. Governor Schwarzenegger described the comprised deal as a basic agreement to close the state’s huge deficit. He and fellow Republicans have refused to raise taxes, all the opposition Democrats said fought to preserve social services. The United States army has formally charged the military officer accused of carrying out last week’s mass shooting at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. The officer, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an army psychiatrist, has been under armed guard in a hospital since being wounded in the shooting. Mathew Prize reports from New York. There are still many questions surrounding the mass shooting at the America’s largest military base, but one of them has now been answered. Major Nidal Hasan, an army psychiatrist who was due to be deployed to Afghanistan, has been charged with 13 counts of murder. That could rise if prosecutors decide also to charge him with the murder of an unborn child cheap soccer cleats being carried by one of his victims. He will be prosecuted in a military court. If convicted, he could face the death penalty, although no one has actually been executed under the US military justice system for almost 50 years.

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