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MADRID,cheap mbt shoes July 25 (Xinhua) — Once established that the primary cause of the Santiago de Compostela train disaster which has claimed 80 lives and left around 100 injured in north-west Spain was an excess of velocity, focus is turning as how replica handbags such a train could go into a corner with a speed limit of 80 km/h at a speed of around 190 km/h. A video of the accident shown on Spanish TV and posted on virtually every news website in the country shows MBT Shoes Clearance in graphic detail how the carriages are hurled off the tracks as a result of the excessive speed, with the second wagon appearing to jump the tracks while those behind it are twisted into tortured cheap soccer cleats shapes by the stress placed upon them. The driver of the engine is the first suspect: he reportedly admitted almost directly after the accident of traveling at 190km/h. A veteran of over 30 years’ service, his Facebook page has discount soccer cleats shown that he had previously made jokes about breaking the speed limit, and although that cannot be taken as proof that he habitually acted in such a way, it is worrying. The driver gave negative in a test for alcohol cheap beats headphones and is currently under police supervision in his hospital bed after being imputed to give evidence to the judge behind one of the two investigations into the tragedy. The judge is in possession of the black box which contains recordings of all of the cabin information and will be able replica chanel handbags to interrogate him on the basis of the contents of that fateful device.

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