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Gold future for December delivery on the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange lost 11.8 dollars to settle at 1,313 dollars per ounce on Wednesday. Management of one of Beijing’s most famous tourist spots, the Summer Palace, have offered a new explanation for why several Buddha statues at the site are missing their heads. MBT Shoes Clearance The Beijing News reports that the heads fell off due to a natural expansion and contraction of the stone materials rather than vandalism. Several days ago, a series of photographs posted on the Internet showed that some of the Buddha figures in the Summer Palace, an ancient royal garden in Beijing had had their heads removed, leaving some netizens doubting whether the figures had been damaged by tourists. Cheap MBT Shoes A member of staff at the Summer Palace explained that the figures carved on the outer walls of the Hall of Intelligence were initially damaged by the allied foreign forces in 1900 and renovated twice in 1982 and 2006. However, since the new Buddha heads and the old niches expand and contract at different rates in hot and cold temperatures, it is very easy for the heads to become detached. To minimize damage to the Buddha figures, heads were added using traditional adhesives to the well-preserved niches. When and how historic relics are renovated is decided entirely by experts, added the Summer Palace staff member. MBT Shoes On Sale At the same time, the Brunei government has also introduced a maternity leave regulation which came into force in January 2011 for the officers and staff of the women in the civil service and the private sector where the total maternity leave has been extended from 56 days to 105 days as a measure of the need and importance of health and well-being for mothers before and after they give birth. It is also to provide opportunities for mothers to practice exclusive breastfeeding not only to enhance the child’s health and generate mental alertness in the child but to also enhance happiness and harmony as well as the well-being of the family, v mbt shoes for women the minister added. These are still a variety of challenges that need to be addressed including to incorporate awareness towards the importance and enhancement of the rate of exclusive two-year breastfeeding amongst mothers in Brunei. YB Pehin Dato Hj Adanan also called on all stakeholders to cooperate with the government in promoting breastfeeding awareness and its practice by providing facilities for mothers to breastfeed in a conducive environment. But our teachers are often busy preparing lessons and checking students’ homework,” Liu said. ” MBT Shoes Outlet They don’t have time to communicate with parents about each child’s performance in class.” That is why a program such as the one run by the Maple center, which offers in-depth counseling and guidance for parents, is so vital. “The parenting workshops have received a really positive response,” she said. “This is only the second year our school has participated in the program, but I can see that many parents have changed a lot. “It’s a great platform to boost understanding and communication,” Liu added. “I only hope more parents take part.” The U.S. dollar fell against most major currencies on Wednesday after the Fed gave no hint on when to reduce its monetary easing measures. In late New York trading, the euro rose to 1.3333 dollars from 1.3264 dollars of the previous session and the dollar bought 97.73 Japanese yen, lower than 97.97 yen of the previous session. www.mbtsclearancesales.com While Brent for September delivery increased 79 cents to close at 107.70 dollars a barrel.

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