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Eyewitness said that when the convoy of high officials arrived, the suicide bomber rushed to them and exploded his jacket near the main entrance of the mosque that killed scores of policemen on spot.At least 31 people including high rank police officials were killed and over 50 others injured on Thursday afternoon as a suicide blast hit a funeral in Pakistan’s Southwest city of Quetta, local media and officials said. cheap soccer cleats Police officer Muhammad Tariq said that 25 policemen were among the dead while six bodies of civilians including children were also shifted to hospitals. Local media quoting police sources said that five high rank police officers including Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Police Operations Fayyaz Ahmed Sumbal got killed in the attack. According to the reports, the incident took place when policemen and civilians were assembling at the courtyard of a mosque located in the police headquarters to attend the funeral of a police official who was shot dead by unknown gunmen on Thursday morning. soccer cleats for cheap Rescue teams and security forces rushed to the site and shifted the bodies and injured to the Civil Hospital, and Combined Military Hospital (CMH). Hospital officials said that the death toll may further rise as many of the injured are still in critical condition. Bomb Disposal Squad confirmed that it was a suicide attack, adding that around 10 kilogram of explosives was used in the blast. No group claimed responsibly for the attack yet. discount soccer cleats Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the attack and asked the authorities to provide the best available treatment to the injured. Japanese leaders must refrain from visit the Yasukuni Shrine, Japanese scholar and former diplomat Yoshiki Mine said Thursday, adding that A-Class war criminals should never be honored. “I believe that the Japanese leaders either on the day, Aug. 15, or any other day should refrain from visit the shrine,” Mine said during a speech in Japan Foreign Press Center. He said there are many people in Japan hold similar opinion. cheap nike cleats But those who have strong national sentiment brush aside this kind of assertion, it is very pity. The scholar who now works at the Canon Institute for Global Studies also said those A-Class war criminals should not be honored in Yasukuni Shrine, considering Japan had officially signed the San Francisco Peace Treaty and accepted the Tokyo Tribunal. Police are investigating two deadly shootings in Dallas, the U.S. state of Texas, which left four people dead and another four wounded, local media reported on Thursday. soccer cleats 2013 The shootings happened on Wednesday night and a suspect has been taken into custody. The first shooting occurred around 10:30 p.m. local time. Police were called to a home in southwest Dallas and found two people shot dead and two others injured. The suspect then fled to another home in DeSoto and killed two more people and injured two children, police said. Police arrested the male suspect at the house where the second shooting took place, according to media reports. New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra on Thursday announced a formal and independent review into the circumstances surrounding a global recall of infant formula made from its product. cheap soccer shoes At a news conference in Auckland on Thursday afternoon, Fonterra Chairman John Wilson described the situation as an ” absolute nightmare” and apologized to consumers once again on Fonterra’s behalf. “I apologize to mums, dads and caregivers for any confusion and concern,” he said. Wilson said the formal review would be a separate investigation to an operational one currently underway. “There are serious lessons that need to be learnt from this, and that is why, in addition to the operational investigation our chief executive has already committed to, the Board will be conducting a comprehensive formal review of its own,” he said. The dairy co-operative revealed on Saturday that 38 tonnes of its whey protein used by other manufacturers, including baby formula manufacturer Nutricia, was contaminated with a bacterium that can cause botulism.

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